5 songs to get you pumped and keep you motivated for your workout.

I don’t know about you, but it’s so hard for me to workout without music. I keep my workout playlist updated with fresh music to keep the energy going so I don’t feel like quitting before I should. Here’s a little list of some of the songs!

  • James Franco- Polyphia

Polyphia is such a groovy group. This song is instrumental and guitar-driven. There are some killer riffs in here. 

  • No Good- Kaleo

Can you say motivating?! I feel like I should be fighting off a hoard of zombies or something. 100 times yes. 

  • The Pheonix- Fall Out Boy

This song makes me feel like it’s a good idea for me to run nonstop for 20 minutes. Which says a lot because I can only run for like 2 mins without not being able to breathe.

  • Round and Round- Out Of The Cellar

Sometimes I get bored of this song but I keep it around because it reminds me of c. 2011 kickboxing workouts. Just imagine all the motivating things a martial arts instructor would say during a workout and put them with this song. 

  • My House- PVRIS

Really really really good running song. I normally sprint for the duration of the choruses and walk/jog the slower parts. 

Keep kickin’ it.

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